Online Giving

Click on this link to be directed to our secure online giving platform:

Southern Hills Online Giving

(page will open in a new window)

-You will need to set up a new account by clicking "create a new account" located underneath the blue sign in button.

-It will open up a new page (in the same window) to enter in the email address that will be tied to your account.  (If we do not have your email address on file or it won't let you sign in you will have to go back to the main page and click the green button that says "Create a Gift". Fill out the form with all your information and your gift will be given and then we will tie your email to your account. The next time you want to give, then you can follow the above process to create an account.)

- After you enter your email address it will ask you to enter in a username. After entering your desired username click the green button on the right to register. 

- Then an email will be sent to the address you've provided. Copy and paste the Reset Password Code in that email into the field on the giving website. Then press the green "Check Code" button. 

- Now you will be able to enter in your own password. (Be sure to write it down. We are not given your password information.) Then hit the green "Submit" button.

-Now you are all set and should be redirected back to the page you started on to sign in and set up your giving. If  it doesn't redirect you click on the link on this site again and enter your username and password to login. 

- Now choose which fund you want to give to and if it is a one time or recurring payment. You'll have to pick a date for your payment, then click the green "Continue" button.

- Then you will be on the payment page. The first time you will have to go to the right and "add an account" to pay with. This can be a card or bank account. Enter all the information required in the fields then click the "create account" button at the bottom of screen. A box will pop up asking you if you want to create an account. Click "Ok". Now your payment method will be saved for future use. 

-Now your payment method nickname should fill in the Payment method field. Click "Continue".

-You can review all of your payment information again. If everything is correct you can click "Submit Gift". A box will pop up to confirm you are ready to submit your payment. If you are, press "Ok".

*If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Business Administrator Richard Arnold at (859) 277-6176.

Mobile Giving

Adding Engage to a Mobile Device's Home Screen

(iOS & Android compatible) 

The benefit of saving Engage to your home screen is that it allows Engage to function like a native iOS or Android application.Currently, the only devices that can save Engage to the home screen are:

iOS devices using Safari

Android devices using Google Chrome


Step 1: Open the Engage site in your device's browser.

Southern Hills Online Giving

Step 2: Tap the Share icon on the navigation bar, the first icon to the right of where you type the site address. Tap "Add to Home Screen" From the options below. Then tap "Add" when prompted.

Step 3: Exit your browser to your home screen. To launch Engage, just tap the Engage logo from the home screen.