Our Vision

The Source is a community where...

  • God's love is the center of everything, so worshipping and serving God are our top priorities.  Prayer is essential to everything we do.  The Word of God and celebrating God's work and abundant grace through Baptism and Holy Communion are vital to our worship experience.
  • We love God by loving and serving others in practical, tangible ways.  We radiate God's Spirit and reflect God's love into the world.  God is on the move, and our community follows.
  • Our atmosphere is informal, fun, and welcomes people who are unfamiliar with the church or those who have wandered away.  In The Source everyone gets a fresh start.  Those who have questions about the beliefs or relevance of church will find a place to have them answered.  Our community reaches those individuals, loves them, and helps them grow in faith.  Growth happens in ways that meet the specific needs of each person.  Children, youth, and adults are taught to know God through Jesus Christ.
  • Relationship and connection with people of all walks of life happen in church, in the park, in living rooms, over food... simply wherever the Holy Spirit leads.  Everyone is welcome with open arms. The Source is a radically inclusive environment.
  • As growth in the number of community members occurs, the process of reaching, loving, and growing will be repeated continuously, creating more new faith communities.